How to Naturally Increase Your Progesterone Levels

How to Naturally Increase Your Progesterone Levels

We as a whole realize that estrogen has a significant task to carry out in all periods of a lady’s life, anyway little is known about its sister hormone progesterone.

Progesterone works close by estrogen in a decent proportion, so when either hormone strays out of equalization the other is influenced, and manifestations can be felt.


What does it do?

Progesterone is a steroid hormone that is fundamental for healthy multiplication, however, it is likewise pivotal for a large group of different things that you may not know about:

  • Pregnancy – it’s primary job is to secure the incipient organism and baby all through pregnancy. Low dimensions can cause unnatural birth cycle and different issues
  • Monthly cycle – progesterone is discharged after ovulation to set up the uterus for implantation. On the off chance that your dimensions are low or don’t ovulate, you can get manifestations of PMS, migraines and overwhelming/agonizing periods
  • Thyroid support – progesterone enables thyroid hormones to get into your cells, (that is the reason your temp goes up at ovulation) – so low dimensions can add to weariness, weight gain, feeling cold, male pattern baldness, nervousness, dejection and then some
  • Bone and muscle wellbeing – it advances bone structure cells (osteoblasts), securing against osteoporosis, and advances new muscle development
  • Sleep – it advances the quieting hormone GABA which decreases pressure and instigate rest
  • Mood – thought of as natures stimulant, progesterone upgrades state of mind and lessens uneasiness
  • Hot flushes – by adjusting estrogen, progesterone might be a distinct advantage to decrease hot flushes and night sweats
  • Brain mist – it lessens mind haze and memory misfortune
  • Skin – progesterone hinders overabundance androgens (male hormones), lessening slick skin and breakouts, and produces collagen
  • Regulates estrogen – and can diminish the hazard and seriousness of estrogen-driven conditions like fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, and bosom/ovarian malignant growths.


What causes inadequacy?

  • Peri-menopause – as our eggs run out, we skip ovulation and progesterone levels fall accordingly
  • Stress – when our bodies make cortisol to enable us to manage pressure, it forfeits the generation of progesterone – frequently when we are low!
  • Too much estrogen – on the off chance that we have too large amounts of estrogen, at that point indications of low progesterone can be exacerbated


Estimating your progesterone levels

  • Take your temperature during your luteal stage (from ovulation as far as possible of your cycle) – if it’s low, you might not have enough
  • Lab tests – we use cutting edge pee tests that precisely mirror your hormone levels during your luteal stage to recognize a conceivable inadequacy


The most effective method to build progesterone normally

You can complete a great deal to help your own characteristic generation, even after menopause



There aren’t any sustenances that contain progesterone, however, there are sure supplements your body needs to deliver it;

  • Vitamin C – citrus natural products, chile peppers, sweet potato, and parcels more veg!
  • Zinc – shellfish, meat, nuts, seeds (pumpkin and flax)
  • Magnesium – nuts, seeds, green verdant veg, avocado, vegetables, beans, dull chocolate
  • Vitamin E – almonds, sunflower seeds, vegetables
  • Vitamin B6 – salmon, meat, pecans, beans, sweet potatoes, bananas


Deal with your Stress;

  • Switch off day by day; contemplation, care, strolling in nature, music, perusing – whatever it is that loosens up you, do it consistently!
  • Identify any shrouded stressors – sustenance sensitivities, gut issues, hormone uneven characters, supplement inadequacies (we test for all these on the off chance that you need assistance with this)


Decrease overabundance estrogen levels;

  • Balance glucose to diminish abundance insulin
  • Reduce refined carbs and sugar, liquor and handled nourishments
  • Include phytoestrogens to adjust estrogen levels – natural soy, flaxseeds, lentils, chickpeas
  • Minimize introduction to xeno-estrogens in the earth, including BPA, pesticides and manufactured scents



Look at my blog on menopause enhancements, and dependable check with your Doctor in the event that you are on any medicine before taking anything new.

  • A great quality Multi-Vitamin – with dynamic dimensions of nutrients and minerals
  • Magnesium – glycinate or citrate are my top picks
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3 and K2
  • DIM for overabundance estrogen
  • Chromium for glucose support
  • Adrenal support – eg ashwagandha, Rhodiola
  • Agnus Castus Vitex – a herb that can invigorate progesterone


In the event that in the wake of attempting this, your dimensions keep on being low and you have side effects if it’s not too much trouble see your Doctor about regular progesterone substitution – you need to ensure you’re given body-indistinguishable or micronized progesterone NOT progestins which are engineered and are not the equivalent. Progestins are found in blend HRT medicines, the Birth Control Pill and the Mirena loop.

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