Injuries And Wounds – The Best Way To Treat Them

Injuries can happen to anyone, be it children or adults. Kids are more likely to get minor injuries while playing outdoors or indoors. Injuries can happen at school, workplace or home. Injuries can be minor or major. If proper first aid is given at the right time, the process of healing gets faster and the risk of infection is lowered. Wounds such as minor cuts, abrasions and bites can be easily treated at home.

Here are the few steps that can be taken at the time of minor injuries and wounds:

  1. Cover the bleeding area

When you are experiencing bleeding, it is better to put pressure on that area with a towel or a clean cloth. Applying pressure reduces the bleeding.

  1. Rinse the wound

Rinse the wound with warm water or any antiseptic liquid to reduce the risk of infections. Clean the area if there is any excess sand or dirt on the wound.

  1. Apply any antiseptic cream

Antiseptic cream reduces the chances of infections, so it is better to apply antiseptics as soon as possible.

  1. Cover the wound

Apply band-aid to the infected area to prevent it from further bruises. Don’t cover the wound too tightly.

  1. Change the dressing at least once a day

Change the dressing every day after cleaning the affected area, until it completely heals.

If the wounds develop infections then you must see a doctor immediately.

Minor injuries and wounds heal on their own in some time. But if the wound is very deep or the pain is unbearable then you must take medical help. Wounds can be serious when it bleeds excessively or has affected the bones.

In the cases of animal bites or injuries due to rusty objects, immediate medical help is recommended.  At times, injections like tetanus are also required.

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