Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can happen at any age to anyone. It is most common in aged people in their 60’s or 70’s. Ageing and exposure to loud noises can lead to hearing loss. Other factors which are responsible for this can be excessive earwax, traumas or accidents. Hearing loss cannot be reversed so it can be a really serious problem. Taking proper care of your ear can help you prevent hearing loss. Though there is no clear proof of why hearing loss happens with age, the suspected reasons include weakening of ear muscles or maybe some genetic issues. Sometimes the kind of people do can also affect their hearing. People working as carpenters, construction workers, miners and factory workers are exposed to many hearing problems.

According to doctors, there can be three types of hearing loss:

  1. Mild Hearing Loss- When a person cannot hear a few words due to background noises.
  2. Moderate Hearing Loss- People often asks to repeat the conversation they have heard while talking one-on-one or on phone.
  3. Severe Hearing Loss- when a person cannot hear anything without a hearing aid.

Mild hearing loss can be cured from some antibiotics and there are some chances of recovery if the medical treatment starts in time. Nowadays hearing aids are available which can help in hearing clearly. These are tiny instruments which are put around the ear to make the sounds louder and help a person in hearing. One should protect their ear if they are working in a noisy workplace. Earplugs can be worn for the protection of the ears. Regular hearing tests can provide early detection of hearing loss. It’s better to prevent than curing a disease. Keeping good care of the ear is better for the long term. Talk with your doctor to know what will be the best treatment for you.

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