alzheimer’s disease


What is Alzheimer? Alzheimer is a brain disease which results in memory loss and loss of other intellectual capabilities like thinking and reasoning. People can start getting memory loss from the age of 40 or 50 but it is mostly seen in people ageing above 60 or 65. Alzheimer can get worse over time and the person with such disease should be given extreme care. There is as such no cure for this disease but there are certain treatments that can slow down the process of memory loss.


Early Signs of Alzheimer’s 

  1. Forgetting recently learnt information
  2. Forgetting dates or events
  3. Not recognising names of people or places
  4. Having vision problems
  5. Forgetting conversations in between
  6. Misplacing things or forgetting where the thing was kept
  7. Poor judgement or problem-solving ability
  8. Avoiding social gatherings
  9. Being confused all day long

Sometimes memory loss can happen due to heavy doses of certain medicines. Taking sleeping pills, diabetes pills or antidepressants in high doses can prove to be fatal for your brain. Deficiency of Vitamin B12 can also be the reason behind memory loss. The daily requirement of Vitamin B12 is 2.4 micrograms in your diet. A diet rich in meat and fish will give you enough Vitamin B12. Stress and anxiety are another reason for affecting the brain adversely. This is common among people who are struggling between the work and family responsibilities. Such people usually don’t get proper sleep and tend to forget things easily. Head injuries can also be the reason for memory loss sometimes. Alcoholism is again another cause of memory loss and it affects the person’s problem-solving ability.

If you or anyone in the family sees any sign or symptom of Alzheimer then you must consult the doctor soon to get proper treatment.

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