How To Reduce The Sodium Intake In Your Body

We get sodium from the salt that we eat in our diet. No food gets its taste without salt. But an excess of salt can be harmful to the body. It can lead to high blood pressure and can raise the risk of heart attacks. It’s not that you have to cut of salts from your foods but you can lower its consumption to stay healthy. For teenagers and adults, the maximum limit of sodium intake should be 2300 mg a day. Children below 14 years of age should take between 1500-2200 mg of sodium a day. For people suffering from high blood pressure, the limit is 1500 mg a day.

How to control the sodium intake?

  • Avoid taking processed foods or packed foods. Packaged foods contain high amounts of sodium and are not healthy for the body.
  • Eat unsalted snacks. Avoid binging on salted chips or nuts. Have unsalted food items for snacks.
  • Try different spices or herbs to add flavour to your food.
  • Don’t put raw salt on your food. People tend to sprinkle raw salt to their food to increase the flavour. Never do that from now. Raw salt is even worse than the cooked one.
  • Try to lower the salt intake slowly, after a few days you would start liking the low salt foods.
  • Cut down ketchup from your diet. They have a high amount of sodium in it.
  • Avoid buttermilk, cottage cheese, canned beans, frozen foods, pickles etc.
  • Have fresh fruits and vegetables, they are low in sodium.
  • Look at the label for sodium levels before buying any packaged food.
  • Lower the amount of busying instant noodles or readymade pasta.

These were some of the ways by which you can lower your sodium intake and move towards a healthier life. Excess of anything is bad so it’s better if we take precautions early so that we don’t have to suffer later, right?

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