Dyslexia is a learning disorder which makes it difficult for a child or an adult to read and write properly. And after watching Ishaan Awasthi in Taare Zameen Par, we all know how difficult it can be for a child to cope with it. Children suffering from dyslexia may have problems in associating sounds with the words and also have difficulty in reading. The problem behind this disease is that the brain is not able to process language properly, thus making it difficult for the person to identify words.

It is not a very serious case because a child with dyslexia can still succeed in life and can achieve more than any normal child. The problem can be solved by proper tutoring and emotional support. The child with dyslexia should be handled with utmost love and care. With just even a little support, the child can grow just like any other normal kid.


  • Delayed speech development
  • Jumbling words or phrases
  • Not understanding sounds properly
  • Problems remembering names or letters
  • Confusing similar sounding words
  • Coordination problems
  • He/she may confuse between left or right

How can it be treated?

Dyslexia can be treated with proper counselling and guidance. You need to be very patient when handling your child. Try to communicate more with your child and understand what difficulties he/she is facing. Don’t make him/her feel that he/she is any less than other kids around. Ask the teachers to put in some extra efforts while handling the child. Little guidance and support can do a lot. This disease should not be associated with the intelligence of your child because he/she may not be able to read properly but may possess other talents which can take him/her to be successful in life. Just be there with your child and help him/her grow well.


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