Alcohol addiction refers to the inability to resist alcohol. A person with alcohol addiction is not able to control his/her urge of having alcohol. This makes a person addicted to it. There can be various reasons which can lead to alcohol addiction like- stress, psychological factors, genetic factors or behavioural factors. An alcoholic person loses his/her ability to control their actions and it is dangerous for the long term.

The severity of the disease differs from person to person. It depends on how often a person drinks and the type of alcohol they consume. A person suffering from alcoholism feels as if they cannot function without alcohol. They start feeling that alcohol is the only solution to every problem.

Signs of alcohol addiction

  • Unable to control the urge of drinking
  • Thinking that alcohol is the only solution for every problem
  • Not having control over the number of drinks
  • Wanting drinks on every occasion
  • Having the need to drink right after you are awake
  • Feeling restless when not drunk

Alcohol addiction is the worst disease ever as the person loses control over them and become restless. An alcoholic person runs away from his/her responsibilities and may even suffer from headaches, memory loss, stomach problems and even cancer. Long term abuse of alcohol can affect the liver adversely.

People may indulge in excessive alcohol intake when they suffer from anxiety and stress. It’s very important for people to relax and take medical advice on these issues. Treatment of alcohol addiction includes detoxification, rehabilitation, etc.

Alcohol addiction cannot be overcome without medical help. So it’s advisable to take proper medical advice for the type of treatment you need for recovery. It usually takes 30 to 90 days to recover from such disease but it may take longer in severe cases.

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