A Guide To Bodybuilding For Newbie’s

Bodybuilding is not about just going gym and showing people about how much doing bench and squat. Bodybuilding is a center stage to showcase for the beginners and also has a major impact to change the lifestyle. Building up a body takes time, focus and consistency. As a beginner, a step by step procedure will get you in the right direction and will probably make the most dramatic change. The first 6-12 months is the time where you have to focus on a serious mass pack and endure your muscles mass. However, it is important to learn proper form and basic safety rules to make sure that you don’t injure yourself when you’re pushing heavier weights around. A personal guide gets the gear you actually need in the right direction. Hiring a guide is the key to progress and avoiding injuries is getting the step right and you might as well learn everything right from the start.


Bodybuilding for Beginners

As a beginner, you can train more frequently than intermediates and advanced trainers. It contains workouts that build muscle and strength, plus the simplest and most effective nutrition plan you’ll see this year.


The Warm-Up

Warming up before training has many benefits, which include psychological preparation, the establishment of a training flow, and physical preparation. Psychological factors such as motivation and generation of mental energy, both critical components of any training session are brought about largely through a warm-up. The warm-up will also, obviously, help with regards to injury prevention.

You need to stretch. Stretching makes less respond to injuries. You need to go through basic stretch or warm up for 2-3 minutes which mostly working on mobilizing joints by performing basic dynamic moves. Building a body is not just eating chapattis and lifting up of weights. Here physiological conditions like stamina, strength, flexibility may work. Start with the series and get in the shape you want.

If the word “damage” makes you flinch, don’t worry. It’s a good thing for a bodybuilder to incur limited muscle damage because it nudges the body to recover and overcompensate (grow) slightly to prepare for future workouts.



A basic push up is an effective way to strengthen the chest and arm muscles and can be easily scaled as you get stronger. 4 sets of 10 REPS with 45 seconds break between the sets.


Cardio-Based Workout

When talking about daily cardio exercise, immediately think about logging miles on a treadmill and you should never feel bored. You would also try kick ass cardio workout that would keep you on your toes.
High Knees

Stand with your feet hip-width and run in place by pulling the right knee up toward chest, then left knee up toward chest. Continue to alternate as quickly as possible.4 sets of 10 REPS with 45 seconds break between the sets.

You can also add Power Skip, Uppercut, Punch, Jumping Jack etc. into your daily routine during a workout. You should always stay focused. If you want to make a change, you want to commit to getting in shape.



The plank is one of the best exercises you can do for your core because it builds isometric strength to help sculpt your waistline and improve your posture. 4 sets of 30 seconds PLANK with 45 seconds break between the sets. Set a high plank position with a core tight.


Dumbbell Chest Press

It’s a time to pick up a pair of dumbbells. It works on the chest, shoulders, and triceps. It should be variate depending on your goals on the amount of weight that can be utilized. 4 sets of 10 REPS with 45 seconds break between the sets.

Lat Pull Down


This is when the lat pull-down comes into its own. It involves a similar movement to the pull-up, challenging your mid- and upper-back muscles, arms, and grip, but you have more control over how much you lift and can slow the tempo right down to help increase muscle size rapidly. 4 sets of 15 REPS with 45 seconds break between the sets.



If you are looking for a powerful way to boost your overall fitness and get fast results from your daily workout routine, look at the performing squatting exercises. Squats are one of the best functional exercises out there, promoting mobility and balance. 4 sets of 15 REPS with 45 seconds break between the sets.

Above workouts would hardly take 40 minutes. Keep doing the same workouts until it is easy to get indulge and maintain specificity into it.

Main Workout Goals Should Include:

1.         Pre, and post, workout nutrition.

2.         Warm-up and cool-down.

3.         Number of repetitions.

4.         Number of sets.

5.         Number, and type, of exercises.

6.         Rest periods between sets.

As you get more experienced by learning the basics primarily focus on classic exercises and then aiming to train each muscle.  Once you’ve mastered these simpler exercises you’ll move up to a new focus on more complex compound exercises. At this point, it is more important to learn the form and get the right “feel” for each exercise as possible.

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